From start to finish| The process of creating modern reclaimed furniture in Dallas, Texas

Revival Supply is a modern furniture design company located in the Design District in Dallas, Tx. Our main focus is creating reclaimed wood furniture, reclaimed headboards, reclaimed beds, walnut table, walnut conference tables, reception desks, reclaimed coffee tables, planter boxes and much more. We are currently building out a modern storefront with a contemporary design in Dallas,Tx. When the doors open you will find one of a kind pieces that satisfy both the eclectic mind and the high end buyer!
What happens from start to finish with our modern furniture design business?
First we get in orders through word of mouth marketing from satisfied customers, through our Etsy account, through our website (, our Instagram account or our Facebook page Revival Supply.
The customer will often have a request for a modern piece of furniture, a walnut table for their living room, a reclaimed bed with headboard for their room, or a reclaimed coffee table for their living room. If it is a business they will order a walnut conference table, a contemporary reception desk made from reclaimed wood and steel, a modern walnut stand up desk, a reclaimed coffee table or a personal contemporary desk that makes a statement in the office.
Once we get the order in from the customer or business we draw up the reclaimed table, walnut conference table, reclaimed bed, reclaimed reception desk, reclaimed headboard or reclaimed coffee table. We make a list of all the materials needed and draw the custom furniture piece with the measurements on a piece of paper. We will often send our customers pictures from previous furniture builds to give them an idea of the colors, textures and modern style to expect with the piece we are building them. Many times with the reclaimed furniture the customer will have specific colors in mind when they order a reclaimed modern table or desk. We offer dark browns, light browns, grey, white, red, blue and black options with reclaimed wood. Most of the reclaimed headboards, coffee tables and reclaimed dining room tables will have splashes of color in them. The contemporary conference tables or modern reception desk will often be made up of rich darker woods. The walnut dining tables and walnut conference tables always make an impression with their caramel, dark brown and black grain! If you are looking to make an impression in Dallas, Texas then we would suggest going with a walnut piece with a powder coat finish!
The next step is cutting the wood and metal to fit the specifications of the custom order. When building a reclaimed headboard, reclaimed bed or reclaimed table the wood has to be sourced from old barns or houses. Then it it planed down to make it nice and flat. The sides of the boards usually have a slight curve or rough edges from their exposure to the environment. We use a track saw to cut the sides perfectly straight so that they line up when we are building the table top. We add the wood with intention and make each modern reclaimed piece of furniture have a unique look and feel. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture we build will last more than a lifetime and will be a conversation starter in any environment. The metal is all hand cut and welded in our Revival Supply shop in Dallas, Texas. We use several different techniques with our finishes. We are finding most of our customers are preferring the modern contemporary look.
After the reclaimed wood is cut and joined together we attach it to the solid steel base. We take pictures and send it to the customer or interior designer. We like to show them the end product before we ship the reclaimed wood furniture out.
We take extra care with our walnut dining or contemporary walnut conference tables when shipping. The reclaimed headboards are easier to pack and ship and the reclaimed beds take a little more time. It can take up to a full day to pack and ship a modern contemporary reception desk or a reclaimed conference. We have shipped all over the country but the main cities we get orders from are San Diego, New York, Miami, Austin, Chattanooga, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Boulder and Aspen. We love it when our customers live in Dallas, Texas because we can personally deliver their order.
We are looking forward to our modern storefront opening in the Design District in the near future in Dallas, Texas. We will have lots of reclaimed wood furniture, reclaimed headboards, walnut tables, walnut benches, walnut conference tables, reclaimed coffee tables, wall art and modern accessories with a contemporary feel. When the doors open be prepared to find furniture that is one of a kind, built to last a lifetime and guaranteed to make a statement in any room or office!
We love what we do at Revival Supply. We look forward to building your dreams for you!

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